Elite Pool Tile Cleaning FAQs

Let 15 Years of Tile Cleaning Experience Answer Your Questions

  • Do I have to drain my pool before Elite Pool Tile Cleaning arrives?

    We try to impact our customers as little as possible. Therefore, we use our heavy duty pumps to drain the water out in a matter of minutes and not hours.

  • Does the pool get completely drained?

    We do not drain the pool completely. We only take the water 6″ to 10″ below the tile.

  • What cleans the pool tile?

    We now offer multiple media types to ensure no damage is done. In most cases it’s glass beads.

  • Will the process hurt my tile?

    By being able to switch media we can assure a clean undamaged tile surface.

  • Where does the media or beads go?

    Our media sinks to the bottom of the pool and we vacuum it out with our pumps.

  • How long will the tile stay clean?

    There is no set time for every pool. It all depends on your water chemistry. We recommend that you test your water to make sure the calcium levels are between 200 ppm and 400 ppm.

    We also recommend you drain your pool half way if the calcium levels are to high.

  • Is the pool safe to swim in immediately after?

    Even though the water level has been lowered, your pool is safe to swim in as soon as we walk away.

  • Do you doing anything else besides pool tile cleaning?

    We clean rock, waterfalls ,and tiles. Unfortunately we do not provide a weekly pool service.