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Work Completed Date: June 15, 2010
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $276.00
Description Of Work: The pool tile was water stained with hard water. They cleaned all of the tile.
Member Comments: Darren was 100% professional, and did an outstanding job. The tile looked shiny new. I am very pleased.
Angie's List: Carlena Tapella
Work Completed Date: June 08, 2010
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $328.00
Description Of Work: The bead-blasted the tile in my pool, and pressure washed the deck around the pool.
Member Comments: Darren was a very clean, thorough worker. He did an exceptional job, and he cleaned up after the work nicely. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I will!

Angie's List: Kris Edwards
Work Completed Date: May 02, 2010
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $356.00
Description Of Work: Pool tile and rocks- cleaned & polished.
Member Comments: Came to estimate the next day, made appointment to do work, and showed up on time. Tile and rocks look great. Gave me a discount because I got him for next door- same day!
Angie's List: Charles Elwood

“Darren and his crew arrived at exactly the time they said they would and actually finished about 10 minutes ahead of their estimated departure time. Our pool tile looks as good now as when our pool was built. Their price was competitive and their work excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their pool tile professionally cleaned.”

Kathy of Elk Grove, CA on July 03, 2010

WOW!  What a great job Darren did. My pool should be a before and after advertisement for his business. My pool is 30 years old and the tile had never been cleaned before he made it look new again. He earned his money for sure. Clean cut kid with good work ethics. He did a fantastic job and I would very much recommend him for your pool tile cleaning. He was willing to work out a good price for me also. It was well worth evey penny. My pool looks GREAT!



Great company! Darren came out to my house for an estimate and was very professional. He arrived on time and started the work exactly when she said he would. He holds himself to a higher standard because his is a licensed contractor. I was amazed to see that my tile could look new in such a short amount of time, and without costing me a fortune. I would refer his work to anyone I know. Great job

Mar 14, 2010